Purpose Of Higher Education

Higher education is a stage of learning where professional, social and economic training takes place. University education in this case serves many purposes, in the sense that it broadens one’s range of thinking as an educated individual. University education creates minds prepared to become competitive in the global economy; it also prepares individuals to be productive when provided with limited available resources. “The the primary business of higher education is and should be the creation of prepared minds”(Andre Fortino, 2012) and not to train individuals to be professionals in a particular field.

It exposes students to other materials outside the student’s field of study. One main purpose of university education is to teach students how to think critically. Students in university are introduced to different beliefs, values and cultures which increases acculturation. Higher education is the institution that initiates individuals into the global economy or working world and the society as a whole. Gaining knowledge in higher education enables individuals to be assets in the society, thus, being involved in the development and growth of the society and the global economy as a whole. University education also shapes students in a way that they learn to approach life matters on a more mature level. There is improvement and progression within a society with a highly educated population.

“I would suggest that there might actually be something liberating to the idea that getting a college education serves a purpose far beyond getting a job. What families and students themselves are paying for is much more than an accumulation of credits and a degree. It is more than knowledge of a particular field, training in a discipline, or even achievement of certain learning outcomes and critical skills.”(Bethany Zecher Sutton, 2016)

In other classes, some students stated that universities nowadays are more inclined to getting people through job market rather than helping them gain knowledge and become great thinkers. With this system, you find people with degrees qualifying them for jobs but are still not being hired. Employers now look for people who have the certification and also bring different ideas to the table. “There are certainly managers who don’t want to hire independent thinkers, but you don’t have to waste working for someone like that! Strong managers want to hire people who have their own ideas. In every job interview, take the opportunity to share an opinion, rather than a cookie-cutter, standard answer to your interview question.Managers need smart people around to brainstorm with — so why shouldn’t that smart person be you?”(Liz Ryan, 2016). They look for people who are able to bring positive change on board not people who just know what they’ve been taught. If higher education institutions concentrate more on impacting knowledge and teaching students how to think it will be more beneficial to the society because it will increase employment, where as teaching students to get a job might just end up giving them just the certification.








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