Class Review

This class was definitely not what I had expected, at the beginning of all this I was expecting a boring class where I would just stress about my work and question why I signed up for it, especially when i learnt we had to be writing weekly blogs because i thought it was going to be like my other classes where i had to write papers, but it turned out to be the complete opposite! I enjoyed every second of this class and I find myself wishing there was more time to discuss and explore more topics and for once i enjoyed writing.

I enjoyed all the discussions and reading the different blog posts. I got to learn knew things about the science of learning and how the educational system isn’t really there to favor us students but more of a business institution. It was so nice getting to experience a different type of class setting instead of the same boring lecture. Understanding certain things from other student’s point of view was really fascinating which made me realize how much we students can learn from each other and also enjoy doing research . It was a lot of work I won’t lie about that, but It was work that I enjoyed. Giving us the freedom to choose our own topic made it really exciting to write a new blog post every week.

I really did learn a lot and it opened my eyes to many things in the education system. This class has made me reflect on how I can motivate myself and take as much control as I can in my own learning and gain knowledge. Overall, i think everyone should have the chance to take this class and understand the science of learning. Thanks for a wonderful class.


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